The Shop Heads To Ray’s

In Gravity Team, XC Team

Take an older industrial factory in Cleveland. Mix in the engineering savvy of mountain biker junkies and A LOT of wood, and what do you get? You get the massive biking theme park that we call Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland, Ohio.


Whether its shredding on the pump track, catapulting you and your bike into the foam pit or taking a break from the Gary Fischer XC track to warm up by the fire, there is something to do for all styles of riders of any age. Don’t believe me? Just ask resident feline, Squizgar, who can be found neighboring the warm fire or getting cozy on customer’s jackets.


Packed up and ready to go, the Wheels in Motion crew and a few awesome customers make the ‘Trek’ to Cleveland on a bitter-cold winter day. Many of us, having never ridden a mountain bike indoors, had no idea what to expect upon arrival. With the awesome generosity of Trek Bikes to provide free rentals for our group, we were able to experience the popular Trek Ticket DJ or the Gary Fischer XC bike. Then after gearing up, we ‘hit the trails’.


Despite the wide range of skill in our group we all had fun getting air on table tops, mastering rollers, and shredding the massive berms. The more experienced guys put on a display and showed us newbies how to get big air and land sick tricks. The possibilities are endless in regards to the amount of different trails Ray’s has.


Tired of riding the XC loop? Try out the rollers and touch up on your balance. Feeling adventurous? Have a crack at the foam pit! Go ahead, it’s safe to try that trick you’ve been dying to tryout. The many different tracks of varying difficulty make for an ideal place to become a better rider overall.


Walking into this experience as a beginner mountain biker, all of this seemed a little intimidating. Luckily with the knowledge, expertise, and at most times, patience from the WIM Gravity team guys, I was able to enhance my riding skills. Ray’s turned out to be the best place to do it.


After a full day of near crashes, burning calves, and sweat, Travis in all his usual enthusiasm insisted on the group competing against one another in pump track time trials. It’s a good thing we saved this for last right? Yet still, we agreed. One by one we raced the track pushing our selves in an effort to be the champion.


One thing is for certain, if you run out of things to do at Ray’s then you’re doing it wrong. I highly recommend a trip to Ray’s for anyone looking to brush up on skills in the winter, learn how to ride jumps, or just have a good time with friends biking for the day. Try it out!


–¬†Jenessa Steuwe