A Weekend In the Windy City

In Gravity Team

The joys of spring and summer seem to be right around the corner. This winter has definitely had its fun times, but it has also been filled up with a lot of work. When the opportunity came around to have a nice three day weekend, we definitely took advantage of it.

At just over 4 hours from Ann Arbor, Chicago works out to be a great place to escape for the weekend.  We had a late start on Friday, and decided to just keep the whole day relaxed and easy going. After about an hour of driving we stopped in at Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, Michigan. The brewery is just a quick 10 minutes off the highway, and well worth it.


The cruise from Marshall to Chicago really doesn’t ever get too exciting. You do get to drive through Gary, Indiana, the Home of Michael Jackson. That might be a highlight for some people, but it wasn’t for us.

There are primarily two ways to get into Chicago; the Skyway Toll, or 94. If you have never been to Chicago before, take the Skyway toll, as it offers a great view of the city on the drive in.


Having friends in Chicago make it a very easy and cheap weekend. A place with a train route nearby is definitely a must. We used the train to get us downtown in the loop. From there we did all of our exploring on two wheels.


One of the spots we had to hit first was the infamous Sea Wall. It offers some of the best views of both the city skyline and Lake Michigan.


We were super excited to check out the newly constructed Grant Park Skate Plaza. This place was worth every penny of the nearly $3 Million Dollars they put into it. The plaza sits right on the South End of Grant Park and offers super easy access by bike or board, and an awesome surrounding landscape of the Chicago skyline.


We rode the plaza and various other street spots the whole day on Saturday. We even came back first thing Sunday morning to grab a few more clips. Afterwards, we headed north to ride the Wilson Skatepark that also sits very close to the lake. It was definitely a nice contrast to go from riding ledges and rails all day, to cruising around a super fun bowl.


Our last stop for riding on the trip was to check out The Garden Public Dirt Jumps. It’s amazing to think that these are public jumps. There was definitely a lot of time put into digging here. The main jump lines weren’t running at the time, so we stuck to the pump track. We are definitely looking forward to coming back.


All in all, it turned out to be a perfect weekend. The weather was great, the riding was awesome, and the food…..well the food was incredible (as it always seems to be in Chicago). It was definitely a well needed weekend away.